TrueMedia Services

ServicesTime OfferedMonthlyOne-off
Productionup to 2hrs/week$40$15
Developmentper hour$10$10
Webworkper hour$20$20
Editingper hour$15$15
Promotionsincluded w most production services
GudAlchemy is a donations based effort with the return donations of our time and attention. This is not a business endeavor, rather our profit comes from the spread of knowledge. Therefore, all services are voluntary exchanges, freely negotiable, between sovereign individuals.
  • Production – We are available to produce live streams of podcasts or coordinate for live premiers. This includes integration with up to 5 streaming platforms (youtube, facebook, twitch, flote, etc), an easy to follow link to the streamyard studio, in-show production (image, website, audio, and video display), integrating guests or interviewees, and banners, tickers, and in show enhancements.
  • Development – We are available to make your ideas, passions, and expertise into a functioning presentation, live streaming show, or recurring podcast. We are not here to write your material for you, but to help you find the voice and format to bring your truth to life.
  • Webwork – We have designed and run several websites and would love to help bring yours into existence or make your existing website look and feel the way you want it.
  • Editing – For both audio and video, we offer editing services to make you prerecorded content stand out. In addition to creating our own video and audio content, we have worked with Winnipeg Alternative Media (and others) to produce custom audio and video material.
  • Promotional Material – With livestreaming and podcast production services we include promotional materials (posters and textual). Also, we can create promotional material for one time events with negotiable rates.

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